Are You Tired of Keeping Track of Dozens of Passwords?

Look no further than Bitwarden – the ultimate password manager

Do you struggle with remembering dozens of passwords for different websites and apps? Do you worry about the security of your online accounts and data? Do you want to share your credentials with your team without compromising your privacy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ask your IT service provider about Bitwarden – the password manager that lets you store, manage, autofill and share your passwords with just a few clicks.

Bitwarden is cloud-based works across all your devices and platforms. You can access your passwords from anywhere, anytime, and sync them automatically. You can also generate strong and unique passwords for every account, and autofill them with a click or a tap.  IT support sessions go much smoother when you have your necessary credentials organized and at the ready.

But Bitwarden is not just a password manager. It’s also a powerful tool for collaboration and security. With Bitwarden, you can:

  • Share your credentials with your teammates and IT service provider securely and conveniently. You can create and manage collections of passwords that you can grant access to specific users or groups. You can also set permissions and roles for each user, and revoke access at any time.
  • Protect your passwords with multiple unlock options, including biometrics and PIN. You can choose how you want to unlock your Bitwarden vault, and set a timeout for locking it automatically. You can also use two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a managed enterprise product, where you IT service admin retains all saved credentials and maintains access to them. You can monitor and audit the activity of your users, and enforce policies and standards for password management.

Bitwarden is trusted by millions of users and thousands of organizations worldwide. It’s also open source and transparent, so you know your credentials are secure.

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